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Waterbed Heaters

  1. Certified to the standards of the Underwriter's Laboratories for Waterbed Heaters #1445.
  2. 18 Gauge power cord 32-guage Nickel/Copper flexible circuitry Larger Pad with 64-guage.
  3. Thermal Fused Duraflex® Vinyl Premiere Cream Control Base.
  4. State-of-the-art Ultra sensitive electronic control that holds the temperature to + or - 1/8 degree of set point.  Insures consistent and accurate temperature sensing and readout Unique Double Mount Control
  5. 5 year Limited Warranty.
  6. Available in High Watt models for Wood Framed Waterbeds and High and Low Watt models for Soft-Sided Waterbeds.


All Wood Framed Waterbeds use the High-Watt Heaters.

Soft-Side Waterbeds that are 8 inches vertical depth or more use High-Watt Heaters.

All other Soft-Sided Waterbeds will use Low-Watt Heaters.




Waterbed Liners

We carry heavy duty Standard Size Safety Liners for Hard-Sided Watrerbeds

as well as many different Safety Liners for Soft-Sided Waterbeds.

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